Well being, Chinese, Polish, Irish style

I was really down and out had no place to go.  I was going to give up my computer, move into a half way house.  So I says to my coworker, Pat, (You think he’s the Irish one huh?), Do you want a computer? and He say’s hang on a minute,  Let me talk to Wei.  So on New Years Eve, Wei, Pat and I moved all my belongings into Wei’s house, into my new room that I am now renting.  Pat is the Polish guy.  Wei is the Chinese guy.  I am Irish.  Wei says we will help if you ask.  So I did.  Now I stay up late like I used to watching wrestling more than ever….Oooo doggy….Eating pizza and trying to be 25 again.  God am I tired.  But am I having fun and smiling more.  Pat has put more memory into my computer, I am on cable and faster than DSL was.  So I live with 2 computer geniuses.  Who knows what my future holds…Just watch my connections…LOL


Frustrated over my dumb attack

I moved and now I have to move again.  I am struggling financially and really need to be looking for a better job rather than whining.  So for the last month I have not been able to get DSL so I thought.  Why?  Because, I had it hooked into the wrong slot.  I had it hooked not into the DSL slot, but into the ethernet slot like the last guy before me had been doing when I took his computer down.  So, when I connected mine after the move, I plugged the phone line into the wrong place and kept complaining that I now service and the tech’s could not figure it out.  Today, I took it all down and was going to storm down to the phone company and tell them a thing or two.  After I had some breakfast, I rehooked and that is when I discovered for a month I have had no service because of my own stupidity.  The  moral to that story…Check your connections.

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