Benjamin Franklin High School

Benjamin Franklin HS, New Orleans, La

The next thing I knew I was going to a introductory meeting Benjamin Franklin High School, for IQ of 120 and above:

I took my Ham Radio operator QSL cards, thinking I would be “cool”, and hand them out like business cards. That is how I met Chris Smither. He was doing the same thing. Chris and I became friends all through high school and after into college.

During my sophomore year, I dated different girls, went on hay rides, went to dances. Chris and I ran the record hops. I built a switcher in a cigar box and Chris made it better.

There was a dance called the Bug that the guys did acting like they had a bug on them, then passing the Bug onto another guy all to the music.

Chris played his guitar since he was eleven, and was starting to play at parties now. I hung out a Chris’s house, since my house was very tense.

I had a crush on his twin sister, Kit. Also, I went steady with Maureen M. and dated her my Junior and Senior Year. She wrote to me while I was away in school.

I remember going to Rick Levy’s house and his father was Fat’s Domino’s attorney and listening to Fat’s Domino music on a tape recorder. Because there were some Jewish kids at Franklin, I began hanging out a the Jewish Community Center dances.

A lot of the time, it was because I was doing anything to do get away from home as my parents were going through tension and not happy. My sister Jane came home from college and became a Playboy Bunny. Daddy was not happy. 

One time, Daddy and I were confrontational and before it was over, he had hit me in the head. The whole time I was an acolyte at the Episcopal Church. My mother decided to leave my father.

After My mother, brother and sister and I had moved out and my father had resolved the separation, there was the issue of where I would be going to school for college.

I was never sure what I wanted to do when I grew up. I wanted to be: 1. An Episcopal Priest. 2. A Naval Officer. 3. Electronics Engineer. I looked at Georgia Tech, using NROTC, the program which paid your way to different schools while you trained for Naval Officers. I flunked the test for color blindness for the NROTC. I took the test for the Coast Guard Academy, but did not pass.

Finally I decided to go to the U.S Naval Academy. I had a Senatorial Appointment; and ,somehow passed the color blindness test . Benjamin Franklin was happy. Daddy was happy. Mama was happy.

I graduated from Benjamin Franklin and within two weeks Mike Sinisi and I went to his family on Long Island and White Plains and I ate Italian food like crazy.  Within three weeks I was at…


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