Smelly Springs, Augusta, Georgia

Smelly Springs, Augusta, Georgia

 We visited Aunt Sister and Uncle Bob and Mama’s Mama in New York and then we took the train to Georgia. When we got to Augusta, at first we stayed at the BOQ at Fort Gordon, then Daddy found a house where there were 4 cats. When he found the house at where we called Smelly Springs.

 We could take only one cat, so we took Boots with us. Boots had all kinds of cats with the old tom cat that was there. Daddy made a bedroom for me and Jane and Fontaine shared a room off the breezeway. The house was on a pond and I used to fish and swim.

Daddy made me learn how to clean fish and then taught me how to cook fish. I am now glad he did. Another thing I learned at Smelly Springs was how to press clothes.

I joined YMCA and they had everybody swim in the nude. At the YMCA, I won first place in a Halloween contest when Jane and Fontaine dressed me up as a girl.

We used to listen to the radio until I was about 11 when we got a TV set. Then we started watching TV. George Pierce and I used play war going in and out of the swamp with our cap rifles. We would dig foxholes and leave them when snakes would come into them.

There were forest fires. I remember one time when Daddy was burning weeds with his burning and accidentally started a forest fire and the farmers came from all over. Another time, I was burning trash and the fire came out the barrel. There was another time I remember it going through the tops of the trees.

I went to Bayvale Elementary School. At Bayvale, I volunteered to be patrol boy and helped out on the buses and at lunch time. I was considered a Richmond County Jr. Deputy Sheriff. I had a little badge on my white belt that crossed my chest. I also helped put the flag up and down. We were supposed to sell magazine subscriptions, but I could not do it, going from house to house.

I was active in the Boy Scouts in Troop 99 sponsored by the Army at Ft. Gordon. On campouts, they would take us out in the woods and dump us and have us set up our tents, cook our own dinner, dig our on latrines. Everything was mapped out on a written schedule for us. Later, we had the “Little Men’s Chowder and Marching Society” that was supposed to be some sort of “secret” society but everybody in the troop belonged to it. We would sing and have fun. I enjoyed camping out with that troop.

We used to play Clue and Monopoly as a family. Jane started having boys come over to the house and lots of different guys hung out. My favorite one was Mickey. He worked at the local TV Station. But he was killed in an automobile accident.

Daddy went to Korea and all the while he was gone I had to chop the wood for the fire place. When came back, there was talk about he and mama divorcing. But, he was transferred to New Orleans and we all had to go there. I really hated to leave Smelly Springs. When we left, we had 19 cats we left behind.


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