Looking for work in all the wrong places?

I went back to work at Children’s Haven this past weekend.  I did not know how tired I was until I got there and took a nap on that bed.  It was not hard.  The room is quiet also.  The consumers were glad to see me and expressed it. But, I forgot how stressful the job was.  We were going to the pancake breakfast and the van had a flat tire, so we had to take 2 vans and make 2 trips.  So now I am looking for another job during the week since my hours are being cut down to 10.  I will find something more suitable for me…Meanwhile I need to get my Jeep running. The cap on the resovoir is not working so it overheats.  I have not coolant in it. I think the thermostat is stuck or not working.  So I really need a mechanic, but cannot afford it…God will provide.

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