Sweating Like a Pig

Well the Air conditioning went out here at Wei’s house and I am sweating like a pig.  Tomorrow I will be back at Children’s Haven and I will be resting and not hot.  I hope the A/C is working. LOL.  Generally it is too cold there.  In the winter I have to take a sweat shirt with me.  Tomorrow I will be able to be rested and cleaner.  It is dusty in this room and I am sweaty, so I feel nasty.  I guess I will have to clean up, dusting everything all down from head to toe, vacuuming etc a serious field day.  I will have to toss out what I don’t really use or need.  Like why should I keep this printer?  Duh?  If it is broken, through it away…to much of Daddy in me…don’t like to through things away.  But I need to streamline because I have a feeling that I will have to move again and in a quick fashion.  I need to have just what I can toss into the Jeep.  I even need to clean out the Jeep and what I have their and why do I have it. 


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