Entry for VA Medical

My right shoulder has been hurting a lot.  I took care of the hip problem by getting some foam for my bed.  I am concerned that if I do not eat for the colonoscopy, that I will have a seizure. 
 I have been keeping my calcium level up by eating a cheese omelet in the morning and eating a cheese snack and then cheese for lunch on a sandwich.  So no one wants to listen to me about my calcium level needing to be up.  If I have to much cheese, I repond by a small seizure.
 But, I started listening to Dottie when the VA sent me calcium with vitamin D, but no magnesium and I started taking it, on a regular basis.  I had a reaction by having a seizure.  Dottie gave me Epsom Salt  and that increased my magnesium. 
 After that I became interested in natural ways of taking care of things.   The Doctors do not want to listen to me.  But as long as I keep my magnesium and calcium level balance and get sleep and eat right, then I seem  not to have seizures. 

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