Talking about WP: ‘God gap’ narrows in U.S. politics – Highlights –



WP: ‘God gap’ narrows in U.S. politics – Highlights –
Well, As the "God gap" narrows I see more and more natural disaster beginning to occur here in the USA.  There are sleeper cells throughout the country of terrorist and more and more will acts of terror begin to occur.  At first no one will think that they are the result of terrorist.  Then all of sudden someone will wake up and it will happen with a large disaster occuring.  But the main disaster will occur as a result of judgement from Almighty God.  Fire, dryness from the east to the west, day after day.  Even the terrorists will begin worry as their acts begin backfire literally upon them.  There will be more trying to control the population with violence in the cities.  Shortages of food will occur and shortages of gas and prices will erupt to places unknown before.  As the Democrats try to control, the President will begin to bring more of the troops back home to help control the problems here.  Iraq will begin to fall apart.  Europe will fall apart.   Then a leader will arise briefly as he shows himself to be the one with answers.

Chaos will occur more and more in Jerusalem and throughout the nations.  The Russians will begin to grieve and call for a main person to help.  The Russian Army will rise up upon horseback and head toward the south.  The United States will call for peace, but peace will not occur and more and more disaster will occur throughout the land, floods, fires and children dying of unnatural causes.  More and more leaders will be revealed as having preyed upon the disadvantaged.  The election of 2008 will be the mose unusual election that this country has seen.


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