Being let go

According to the schedule, I was supposed to work at my other job, so this morning  I woke up and after my regular routine packed my bags and headed out to the IF group meeting.  I got a call from one of the staff asking me if I could work Saturday night at another house.  I was in the middle of driving, so I said yes.  Then I was called back or I responded to a voice mail.  I finally asked if I was working at the place I had been working.  The reply was no.  So I told them something had come up and I could not work on the weekend.  I then got a phone call from personnel wanting to talk to me about my position, to call and not drive out there.

(I guess they were concerned of my response.)  I called and I was informed officially that my position had been eliminated.  I told them the entire story, was put on hold for a short time, when she came back I was offered 2 weeks severance pay.  I took it.  Hoo, Hoo.  I can eat for two weeks at least.


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