Colonoscopy F..Kup

I went to the VA today after getting someone to take me there and taking the nasty laxative that flushed me out.  All day yesterday I did not eat except I decided to eat breakfast, which I was not supposed to.  One website said ok another no. One said not to mix some stuff in, etc.  The point of all this being by time I got there all worn down and on the table all stripped down naked with just a gown on, they asked me who do I have to take me home…I repond the DAV driver.  Well, some state law, says, "NO way, Charlie, can’t do."  They give me the choice of no sedative or no Colonoscopy.  Guess which one I chose?….After dressing I went right off the bat to the Canteen to get a sandwich and then waited for the driver.  Slept on the way home…and more at home.  Wei was making Crescent hot dogs.  I finally broke down and ate one….LOL.


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