Politicians and Soldiers

I see the milblogs written by soldiers defending me,  in a land far off.

I hear the politicians say that perhaps we have lost.  After seeing what I have seen,  I think not.

Have you seen the same sites that I have seen  or just that of the press?  I am just a simple man.  Trying to make it from day to day.  In a different war at a different time, a baby of World War II.

But, when I see the Milblogs and hear you speak, I really get angry with you.

These young men, from all over our land, build a voting booth and help on election day and now you and your party says that they are in the way.

You want to set a date to bring them home, to take them out of Iraq.  Have you thought what will happen when you bring them back?

Have you thought of the oil fields burning, and our nation unable to run because your political aims.  You want to try things to an end in a peaceful way with an enemy that will not do so .  He will laugh behind your back, and as you turn around, swing a sword at you.

Your aim is to keep your office, and get contributors. so in 2008. the White House will be won by your party, but meanwhile your young men bleed and die in a far off land defending you.  Have you been there?  Have you seen what they have done?  Or do you only rely on the media?  There is a part of media you are missing.  The internet.  That part gets the milblogs and blogs of wives and family.

I am sickened by your hypocrisy to your voters. 

Soldiers keep fighting, I say, Fight for what is yours. Fight until the last man is no longer there because they will not allow you to fight here.  They will tell you that violence is wrong and guns aren’t allowed on there.  You will feel you aren’t allowed and struggle with who you are.  Speak out for that is all you have now. Talk to the politicians, because they really want to get rid of you, take away your job.  Then when they need you, call on the UN’s soldiers. 

A few rambling ideas here…


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