BLACKFIVE – In the Crosshairs You Can’t End Wars


In the Crosshairs- You can’t end wars

Posted: 04 May 2007 02:15 PM CDT

I took my piece from earlier today and recorded it because I wanted the disgust and anger to jump out in a way that text just can’t provide. I was aiming for righteous indignation with a back current of wicked pissed.

I also included a shout out to the Milblog Conference as sadly I will not be there. I have issues requiring my attention here in the Mad City, so I humbly request that you do me proud at the conference, but more importantly on the pub crawl. Oh and everyone there please do me a favor and personally tell Ward Carroll I said hi and he owes me for not showing. The video starts with the message for the conference which is perfectly G-rated, but when I get on the Dems be prepared for a quality STFU and a request for the deity to condemn something.

Just a note of thanks to all of you who watch the vids. We will crest 250,000 views today in almost exactly one year, much of which I wasn’t even posting during. There are 81 vids for an average of more than 3,000 views per. Gracias un quarter million and I am working on some gear and upgrades (green screen). Subscriptions and back catalog available here.

 A final note, Editor of, patron & host of the Milblog Conference- Ladies & Gentlemen, reprising his starring role in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert I give you Ward Carroll.  Nice codpiece.


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Why Democrats can’t end the war

Posted: 04 May 2007 08:37 AM CDT


If there is one thing the Democrat’s leadership can all agree on it’s that they want to "end" the war, maybe by redeploying to Okinawa, maybe just packing up and leaving the Iraqis to slaughter each other, but end it they will.

I hate to butt in on the political posturing and feeling each other’s pain, but I have a news flash for all you folks who are ready to hit the off switch on this war and MoveOn.

You can’t end a war, you can only win it or lose it. Movies end, meetings end, wars are won or lost and the cost associated makes that a vital distinction. So if you want to end this war that is causing you so much angst and anguish then grow a pair and vote to lose it now. Rescind the President’s authority to conduct the war and shut off the funding immediately.

If not, then STFU and stay out of the godamn way! We are trying to end it too, just by winning.

MM is tracking Hilly and Byrd’s war-ending efforts

I have not been diligent in adding the We win, they lose folks to this site or post but game on folks! I just signed and you should too.


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