Letter to Congress

I am writing this letter to Congress after much thought, playing a video war game of trying to beat the Romans, reading many military blogs, lots of news and listening to all sorts or opinions back and forth.  I am the son of Colonel in the United States Army.  I served in the Navy myself.  I tend towards conservative political viewpoint, however, my finances keep me from supporting any body.  I just recently went on Social Security and work a second job in retail to keep up.  My employer is cutting mine and my hours to make the stock look good.  It is working.  My three shares have gone up.

I have watched George Bush many times and I have a great deal of respect for the man.  I do not agree with some of the the things he does,  but I do agree with the point that we are fighting a global war on terrorism. 

Since you want to the troops back home:  Here is what will happen when you bring them back quickly.  First of the economy is based on the war.  Second of all, many jobs will end, the economy will go into a depression.  Third, the terrorist will attack all over the country, for which we are not prepared.

You, the liberals, are stupid.  You want to live by a Godless head in the sand philosophy thinking that we can be friends with everybody.  Everybody else’s economy gets built up and ours suffers…Look at Viet Nam.

Finally, we are abandoning Israel.  When we do so. The Almighty God shows us though natural disaster that we should not have done so.  From the East Coast to the West Coast we will see Wind and Fire like you have never seen.  The gas prices  are hitting us like you have never seen.

Well, Congress, you got the the ball.  Grow Some.  Start fighting the fight! Let our military fight and win.  We are trained to do so.  We have held them back too long since Korea.  What is wrong with you people?


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