Frustration or my Life sucks

The first thing is that I was going to buy a mobile home and had placed a down payment and had placed a lien on the trailer.  So I went around planning to move in on the end of the month and told everybody that is what I was going to do.  I did not change my drivers license yet, thank God.  I almost had started packing.   I found out that somehow Joanie could not have a lien on the trailer and live in the HUD place that she was moving into.  So, I paid taxed etc.

Friday I decided to go to my regular AA meeting but forgot that Radio Shack had scheduled me to go to work from 10 to 1.  Clyde, my manager, called me about 9:50 asking me what time am I supposed to come to work?  I looked at my scheduled and jumped in my Jeep and was making good time when on University Ave, my clutch went out.  I hobbled home and changed clothes and took a cab to work.  Clyde let me work from 11:30 to 2:30.  That was because we had an order come in.  LOL. 

I took another cab home…That was $34 on cabs…This morning I called AAA for a tow truck and had the car towed to the mechanic.  It was the slave cylinder.  He was taking it on a test drive when the master cylinder blew out…It will cost over $800 before it is done…So I called Joanie, she is going to give me my $400 back.  It is getting complicated for me…

I am wondering what happens now to the title which we transferred to my name and I payed taxes on, but Joanie has returned my money…

What do we do with the extra bull shit?


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