Desoto Towers and Radio Shack

Now I have an application in at Desoto Towers.  That is for 62 and above.  I have looked at an efficiency that is 2-1/2 times the size of my room and has a kitchen and bath.  I will be in Bradenton downtown right where I have always wanted to live.  It is amazing how God works giving us what we want and we don’t have to try.  Just do the right thing.  All I have done is stay sober, and go to at least a weekly meeting, and contact my sponsor.  When I could not come up with the deposit, my sister gave me the money.  So I am blown away.  I all need to do is get my steering fixed still.

The location is downtown Bradenton and my job is in Sarasota, so I am not sure what I will be doing.  If my manager does not stay there and retires; which he may do because the company is treating managers, and employees like shit lately to make the stock look good, so morale is down all over;  then I will not stay there because it is quite a drive.  In fact it is quite a drive.  They already want him to fire me  because I am not the super sale person but I am reliable, etc.  So I probably going to look for another job elsewhere….What stress, moving and looking for work at the same time….WooooHoooo!!!!


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