Application for Residency

Attn: Sandra Dinger

On July 24, I made an application for residency and provided for you all sorts for background information.  My manager at Radio Shack indicates to me that you called him and as usual all he can provide is that I work there.  FICO indicated me that there was a credit check run on me.  I received a letter shortly after.  Had I the funds, I would have found out exactly what was on what you read.  I don’t.  I had to borrow enough from my sister for a down payment.  When I handed in the application I indicated that I had a deadline of August 1.

I have heard nothing personally from you by July 30, 2007.  This puts me in situation where now I may have to sleep in my Jeep as my landlord has found someone to rent my room.

I feel violated having had to give out my social security number so many times and there is not one bit of information of my past that you don’t know about me.

I was able to obtain an insurance license working for Liberty Life.  I have held positions working with developmentally disabled where I had a background check by the state for Florida in order to work and reside on the premises of Children’s Haven and Adult Services and now I am being rejected by your organization for residency.

I am not being rejected directly by you as you do not seem to want to speak to me. Therefore it leads me only to one conclusion:  No Viet Nam Veterans are allowed to reside there.  Or I am facing some sort of prejudice on the part of your organization being a veteran.  I am sure that all sorts of organization that represent the prejudices against veterans can be reached on the internet and I love to write.

We await to hear from you directly

Yours respectfully,

William P. Dunn, Jr.

Bill Dunn


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