My Cage Was Rattled At Work

The other evening my coworker was in the restroom taking her usual long time and a kid came in to buy something.  He bought a hookup cable of some kind.  So in the process, I asked how old he was was.  12 he says.  I as I say he was tall for his age, and my sons were tall.  I thought nothing of it trying to be friendly.  He then says the cable costs alot.  And I say I can find out how much it cost, but I need to go to the computer in back.  I wanted him to follow me to the door way so I could keep an eye on him.  (My coworker is still in the restroom.) The kid is really shy and says no he does not want to come back there.  I don’t allow anyone to come to back room unless they are personal friends or family of coworkers.  There is too much merchandise being stored back there.  So the kid decided to leave.  I thought nothing of it except he seemed to be rather shy about following me.

Well, the next day I come to work and 2 sheriffs show up wanting to speak to me.  They asked to speak to me in the backroom.  LOL. I should have asked for some ID.  It appears that this kid reported me as some sort of perpertrator.  I was made out to be someone who was trying to get him in the backroom.  My cage was rattled.  I was blown away.  Here I was feeling guilty for having a collection of playboy pinups, never thought about inviting 12 year old boys.  He thought I was being too friendly.

The second sheriff decided it was just a misunderstanding.  I hope so.  I really don’t want to meet someone online only to find out that this beautiful woman is really a sheriff.


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