Do I need to leave Radio Shack?


Getting tired working at Radio Shack. I am totally burned out there.    Sunny has created a nightmare of working there.   She really does not delegate, tries to do so, but it does not work. So she winds up doing everything herself, if I don’t go around finding things that need to be done that are behind to be done. After working for a manager like Clyde, working for Sunny, I am burned out.  Sunny does not know when to quit or take a break.  She expects us to do the same. Ray operate the same speed. I am sure that customers have reported back to Clyde and Clyde back to Tim. Anyone coming into the store during Black Friday could see the entire mess as with the weekend. While John is a Hotshot saleman, he has a hardtime with mechanical things and does not want to do his price auditing. John does not want to do anything but sales and is good sales. He finally rewired the TV and sound. Ray learns quickly for someone who has had no computer, electronic experience. He has had to learn from scratch everything. He is bilingual Sunny hired him simply because of his personality and she was desperate. She gave him full time. Sunny will not allow anyone to train Ray but herself, but has not totally trained him, so he is dependent upon her and calls her all the time. When I am in them middle to talking to a customer he will go in the back and call her to find a product that I am looking for on the computer. I am supposed to be the Person in Charge, But I have never be trained in Proxy of anything. Should Sunny get sick again, 9863 will be screwed. I have tryed to be man you can count to be there at a moments notice while working for Clyde, jumped in the shower and my Jeep and came clocked in on my time off. Since Sunny was the only one to do most of everything during Black Friday, it was frustrating when customers asked where things were. I no longer knew where anything was. I then had to depend on Sunny. I would leave at night and come back it would have been moved. I never was given but a few planograms to do and did not know what to plan was in the beginning. I have been a manager of retail before and tried to it all by myself and burned out. I never could figure out why Clyde seemed to just sitting there, and selling quietly, putting out stock & tags quietly, every once and while asking me to ring something up. Then it dawned on me. He was being a manager. Duh. I have been in cell phone sales before, but my numbers were not the best because I had developed the reputation of customer service, which were supposed to be, and spent so much time solving customer problems, that I did not sell that much. But the company sure had happy customer. That is why I liked working at Radio Shack. I can solve customer service issues and sell something along the way to the same person when they come back to me happy. It has happened over and over again. So far the hot shot sales person, I have received lots of returned for them. I wonder how many returns in comparison. These are my many thoughts.  


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