Getting burned out with The Shack

This was in draft before my computer motherboard broke  back in November

It has been a real struggle working at Radio Shack for Sunny lately.   She has gotten really whacked out in trying to get the store reset for the day after Thanksgiving. The sad part about it is that so far Ray has had no training on cell phones.  Sunny has assumed that only she can do anything will not allow me to train him or designate me to do so. It has all been just open boxes and rearranging the store.  I worked today from 9:20 am to 9 PM. I took a break when I took the deposit to the bank. I got some ice cream and sat down for a little bit.  I finished another planogram. I cannot operate in the manic fashion that she does. Today was nonstop with customer and then she wanted to close early to get things done.  Not sure if she had approval from DM or not.  I don’t think so. I am burned out with then whole thing. I am off tomorrow.


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