Life with Wei and Pat

Yesterday I had off and Wei knew about it.  I decided to stay up late playing video games and then I could sleep in, not doing laundry.  Today I was planning to do laundry before I went to work at 6 pm.  I usually did my laundry on Tuesday.  Well I got at breakfast and Wei had already started his laundry, 2 loads worth.  When I asked if he was going to be long, his reply was wasn’t I off yesterday.  I then had to go into my excuse of how I had stayed up until 4:30 am.  I was chastised about how that is not good for my health.   I know but I am 63 and having fun….

Pat and I are finally starting  walking and last night I slept better than I had in a long time.  Pat started out as one of my bosses at Radio Shack and then became a friend.  Wei has not allowed me to be a friend.  He stays to himself and every once and a while will share a dish he has cooked with me.


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