Missing Daddy

I sit here washing clothes, listening to Celtic music, reading a Readers Digest article about the The Death of my Father.  I suddenly realize that I miss Daddy, tears streaming down my face.  I am a 63 year man and I miss my Daddy.  He was my hero.  I  miss seeing him in his uniform.  Where the hell are the pictures of him some where packed away in my room.  It is time to get  them out and put them on my website, wall for all to see.  What box are you in, Daddy?  Where did I pack you away?  Is it the Celtic music?  Is the tones that cause me miss Daddy and just miss being at home and want to walk down the streets of the Quarter?  And then go home to smoke a cigarette with Daddy.  Drink some V8?  I have tried drinking V8 and still no Daddy. 

I can’t even connect with my own sons.  They don’t even call or email me.


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