I am really bad sick.   I went to work and made a bank deposit and it was raining a fine misty rain.  I got slightly wet.  I am sicker now than I was.  The VA doctor sent to Bay Pines to get a chest X-Ray.  I was done shortly after 10 AM.  The other guys were waiting for their meds all the way until after 1:30 PM.  By the time the driver dropped them off and got back on I 75  the traffic was backed up for some reason.  It was 3:45 PM before I got home.   I had looked at my schedule and thought that I did not go in until 6:15 PM when actually, it was 4:45.  I took a nap, changed clothes, went to Walgreen’s and then went to work.  I was late getting there.  I now have an appointment with the VA Doctor on Tuesday at 11 AM.  I still do not know whether I have Pneumonia or not.   All I know is that when I try to sleep I cough all night and my ears are clogged and sore and I keep coughing.


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