Blessing from God

My sponsor in AA called me and told me he would give me a phone number at the meeting on Friday.  I always go to Friday morning meeting.  He gave me a number of another member who is leaving to go sailing and wants someone to live in his trailer.  I would move in and pay rent.  It is less than what I am paying now and I called him and visited it this evening and we set up a deal.  I am going to move in on April 1.  I will have to start to get rid of stuff and decide what I want to keep.  I probably just leave a lot of stuff behind like desk and chest of drawers, etc. bed.

That will be better for Wei.  I will take my frying pan and and leave the bowls and everything else behind.  Then I need to get new clothes for myself and a new job closer to home.  I am looking forward to having my own place.  It has been fun, but I need the privacy and be able to cook for myself.  I may want to get a work out machine.  God knows what I will do….I am excited.  The couch pulls out and if Robert wants to come down or Matt wants to, they can visit.   Looking good…Thanks God for the Blessing, Help me get back on track with the rest of my life…in Jesus Name I pray…


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