McCain Endorsed by Over 100 Admirals and Generals

I was getting unsure about the candidates.  Then I decided to look at McCain.  In looking aside from being endorsed by over 100 admirals and Generals, there all kinds of other leader that I have respect for. So I am saying to myself, "Well, if he is backing him, I’ll vote for him for sure."  It really sucks how the media can fuck with your mind.  And I have to keep going to find out the truth for myself.  If I had not been taught to seek the truth at Franklin, by my father and mother, I would be in trouble and at the mercy of the media.  I used to think that that TV and Radio, and Newspaper was the media and now I know that the Internet is another media that they are addressing. I get most of my mail and news from the Internet.  I thought I was unbiased because I was getting it off of the Internet.  LOL.


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