Changes I wanted to make in my life

As I moved into my new place, I found a list I had made.  It was diet, place of living, transportation, income, exercise.  I had lost the list and gotten involved with my everyday life.  I had written on it Keep it Simple! and First things First! Because there are times I tend to run around like a chicken with my head cut off.

So all of a sudden in the program, my sponsor suggested that I get in touch with this person who was going sailing and looking for someone to rent his single wide trailer.  Normally, I procrastinate with things. But, I called him.

I now have my own place.  No longer do I share a bath or kitchen.  No longer do I have to sit and watch guys drink beer in a house full of alcohol with a temptation sometimes to say fuck it and just guzzle something down.  But, I told my roommate, I did not know what would happen.  I would probably wind up in New Orleans and not know how I had got there.

It was fun at first living there: eating pizza, watching wrestling and movies. But, there were times that I found myself wincing a bit when my roommate could test my sense of propriety.  I had to wash my dishes daily just to have a dish to eat off of, now I wash them daily because I like a clean kitchen and house.

In my house, there are no mountains of pizza boxes.  In fact, I have not had a pizza since I went by to pick up mail and ate some pizza.  I put on weight blaming it on the guys…But, now I find myself eating muffins from next door at the bookstore.

But, I am able to cook salmon dinners for myself when I have time off. It is nice eating off of a kitchen table.  LOL  I used eat off of a counter or in my room.

So what is next….Diet?  Exercise…I think I will start taking walks?


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