Trading frustrations of one place for another

Whenever you think that you can escape things like landlords not fixing sewer lines at one place, and you move then you might find that you are faced with the same problem only worse at the other.  When I lived with Wei, Pat and I kept smelling sewer smell every time the dish washer would be run or the laundry would be run.

The first thing I faced was the shower was backed up.  So I thought could just pour bleach down it and solve the problem.  Well, then I used some stuff I got at Dollar General.  It seemed to have solved the problem…Then, I noticed on the way to work, the shower had leaked.  I did not know there was an overflow drain…and the drain was actually stopped up…There was a time when I had to go get a plunger for the toilet and had to plunge the toilet, because it was stopped up….it kept getting worse….Finally when I went to work I noticed that there was toilet paper all over the place…. So I called Dave, the guy, I pay the rent on this thing.   He came out and we got some heavy duty drain cleaner stuff and he poured it down the drain.  We I came home and flushed the toiled and guess what….still a problem…during the night..I forgot not to flush and not there is toilet paper all over…This morning I needed to move my bowels big time.   Can I flush?  Hell no.  Here I am with a toilet full of feces aka shit, paper, piss and I have to pee again…LOL  I feel like going back to Wei.  I did not have to drive 45 minutes, or have a stopped up toilet.


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