A terrorist comments on the war on terrorists

Aw hell, let’s just bring the boys back home from Afghanistan and Iraq where the terrorist seem to be fighting them and fight them on your own soil.  Then you can get to be a terrorist.  Then  you can see the war up close instead of on TV.  Gosh, 9/11 is too far away in time and you need another reminder here your  own soil with some real blood.

  How about the Chicago Sear’s Tower?  How about Disney Land or World, that would be a lot of bloody mess there.  Let’s see, we have to figure out something that is going to attract a lot of attention and create havoc.  Indianapolis has an insurance center….Darn you Americans, I know we can shut down the Internet and cable systems across the US and that will really freak them out….Now where is major satellite system?  Hmmmm.   We can do it on one of our religious holidays and no one will question us… and if they do then we will scream prejudice.  I know! we will take over all of there pizza delivery places and introduce a nasty flu virus into their systems. They will never figure out where it came from. 

Come on bring all the troops back, We want you to bring them back so you can fight us here!!!  Stupid shits!!!    Obama is  my buddy


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