Taken off Schedule at Radio Shack

Yesterday I was taken off the schedule at Radio Shack.  I guess I made one mistake too many.  Sunny decided to take me off the schedule.  That’s Radio Shack’s way of firing.  They add of things and then justify why they are doing what they are doing, but do not fire. They take you off the schedule.  She had promised me she would not cut me down to 10 hours, so she just took me off the schedule.  I took a 20 dollar bill in for a customer and did not give him the correct change back.  Why the customer waited to get home is beyond me.  I had prayed that I did not have the gas to get down there and that was answered.  LOL.


I now have to get out and look for a job and look a the finances to see if I can make it on just my SS money.   I may have to cut back drastically.  Are there any money’s available to SS income?


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