Everybody wants my money

I have taken two tests and all but two questions I blindly agree with John McCain.  I probably do so because I grew up in an Army family and down South and my Scots-Irish.  Yet, when a friend points out that when Clinton left office the budget was balanced and there was no deficit.  That was true from what I remember, but he was cutting down on military because I remember bases being closed close to where I lived in Illinois.

When people talk of Obama’s political backing in Illinois, I am familiar with the Chicago bosses as to they are the same ones that Daley wound becoming boss of.  He would deliver Chicago vote to whoever wanted the Presidency.  There is still corruption in Illinois, under the name of reform all the time.  Nothing has changed.

It was pointed out to me that McCain owns 7 houses.  What on earth could someone do with 7 houses. But anyone that can afford to buy 7 houses, let them.  Does he rent them out? Live in them?  No one ever told me.  Most of us who are veterans are getting tired of hearing of his qualifications of being a POW, but when I heard his story, I was impressed.

Because I am registered Republican, I now have everybody and their Republican brother sending letters asking me donate.  I cannot because I am on Social Security and Unemployment.  I cannot afford to donate much of anything.  I do not dare go to the Democrat website to check them out because them I will have them asking me for money.  I donated $10 to the one Republican Black woman who standing up to the corrupt machine.  Now she wants more from me.

I am concerned for this country.  They have really screwed it up. and because they have screwed it up, there is a generation of people who are now looking for money to be given to them from the government.  They feel it is owed to them.  Then there is a group of people who are those are feel like people should take care of the those needy people who cannot take care of themselves.   I can see that the "liberals" who want to take care of the underdog want my money in the form of taxes to take care of everybody else.  Say I got news for you, people, I am a baby boomer senior who did not really plan for my retirement and my Social Security and what little I get form anything else, is all I can afford!

  We need to get together and start getting this show started for true.  No longer can we  play a game and get money just for one State for pet projects that are bogus. 

It is time that we begin to work in the neighbors in the same way that we have worked in Iraq.  I think that the reason that the Liberals don’t won’t the effort in Iraq to work is that we might do that and then that would blow any great Government handout effort that we are getting.

Time to roll up our sleeves and go to work, people!


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