The cracks I fell through are widening

I watch as the country is in a financial mess and I am too because I am out of a job and 64 years old and on Social Security and need to work part time.   There are not that many jobs.  When Clinton was in office he decided to help out those underdogs who not white and rich get a house buy getting loans and Fannie Mae was backing the loans that these guys were getting.  Lot of them were in the construction industry and were making it and doing ok.  Not me.  I was struggling in retail continuously.  I never have been able to get on my feet.  So I always was falling through the cracks.  When I tried to get help no one would help me because I was the wrong race.  The only reason they would help was me being a veteran and now I am even from the wrong war.  Even getting help from the VA my help is limited to certain things and not too much because I was not a combat veteran officially.

As I get older and older I find it rougher to go out to look for a job, but I struggle on the Internet.  I really need to get out and pound the pavements and look for a job.

But the cracks are really widening…now I am finding Blacks angry with the Latinos saying that they are getting preferential treatment and not the blacks.  That is what I heard on the street when I filed for food stamps for which I was denied.  I make too much with my unemployment and my SS.  And when I am at the unemployment office the place deluged with Black and Latino and White.  Fannie Mae is hovering in the background trying to find some work looking for a handout from the government like the rest of us as our banks are shutting down.


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