Don’t Advertise Who I vote for Purpose

There is a purpose I have for not advertising who I will for in election times.  This began back when I went through a Union battle and the day of the election I put on my union hat and went to vote.  Turns out that there was someone inside who was recruited to break up the union.  Later on the company brought down a manager who systematically fired everybody.  I was the beginning of the house cleaning.  I was not fired, but the pressure was put on me and by time it was over, I had resigned.

I really don’t have any use for UNION’s now so guess who I am not going to vote for?  The one with Millions of Chicago UNION dollar’s.  And before it is over you will not be able to work at at place without having belong to a union and cannot vote secretly.

It will be scary when Democrat’s wind up in total power.   Yet, we have been in a war with money being spent like crazy with Republican presidency.  I have been on a White House mailing list and have seen a lot good things that Bush has done.

I am also an ARMY brat and my father always voted Republican even though we lived down in the Democratic South.  I have run for political office myself because I was concerned that no one was opposing the incumbent.  I ran Democratic.  I am registered Republican now. 

But, I don’t put any tags on my vehicle for a purpose.  I do not want any retribution should I vote the wrong way!  Sig Heil, Brother


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