Re The eHarmony Shakedown By Michelle Malkin

It started out with wanting to get caught up reading my unread e-mails that had been stacked up like crazy.  Recently, I have had teeth pulled and new dental work done, so all I could do is make soup, watch TV and sleep.  Plus, it has been cold here in Florida and my air condition is now a heater blowing hot air over my head.  I finally read one of my e-mails “Black Five” who referred me to the E-Harmony Shakedown by Michelle Malkin.  Since I put her, here on this blog I was immediately on alert and had to read it.

Not only that I had applied to  e-Harmony before.  When I applied to e-Harmony for dating, I was graciously turned away.  That’s probably because I have been married 4 times.  Since they are a Christian organization, I had respect for that.  My first marriage had ended in an annulment after 13 years, LOL.  Amazing what can be done with money and power.  The second one was the parent of my two sons.  More later.

The third one started to divorce me, and I had to finish it.  She wound up dying in a fire in Maryland.  I found out about it from one of my sons, ironically as he had become friends with her first ex-husband.   The fourth one became friends with my second son but, we wound up going through a divorce.

So, when I heard that a gay organization had filed a lawsuit against them, I was really angry, because I personally have had gay friends in my life time but I don’t see any point in forcing anything on anyone.  When people start to force things one anyone that’s when my Scots-Irish dander gets really riled up.

So I wanted to write Michele Malkin a letter.  I thought I would go to my Blog site and find the milblogs and look her up and write to her and tell here what I thought and thanks for the article.  When I got to the blog site, I could not find the milblogs…It took all morning to revamp my blog site and here I am writing another blog and getting ready to eat some lunch before I go visit a buddy of mine. 

Next we will have the Gestapo coming to tell us we need to listen to whatever needs to be said….   Had enough.


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