Merry Christmas to all

To friends of Bill W., hang in there at this time of year.  I probably will go to a meeting tomorrow, then head to a dinner somewhere.  My kids are in Illinois, one sister in New York, a brother in New Orleans, and a sister in Colorado after Katrina.  So here I am in Florida after my life has gone from Georgia to Pennsylvania to Georgia to Germany, 3 different places, back to Georgia, then to New Orleans, La.  I lived in Washington, DC for a short time right around the corner when Richard Nixon was President and men looking for food on the corner right up the street.  I would go to work after dodging them and then help Eric Severide buy 100 shares of various different stock.  That was before the days of computers and I was the teletype operator to the stock floor.  I went back to New Orleans with my young wife and then had a chance to move to Danville, Illinois with Western Union.  I wound up quitting the job and moved to Champaign-Urbana, Illinois and stayed there for 25 years after someone had told me I should move back where I came from.

It took me all the way until I was after 60 years old that I realized that I was responsible for myself.  I guess that is why I did not last through 4 marriages.  Normally Christmas time is bad time of year for me, now I out of work and not stressed out by all the people coming and going with all their garbage.  I am having a relaxed time and not really worried what is going on with the country’s economy that I can’t do anything about.  I have learned how to let go of things that I cannot control.  Now I just like battle the traffic with my 5 speed, 6 cylinder 310,000 mile Jeep. 

So as I sit down to eat my Polish sausage and rice dinner,  Merry Christmas to all.


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