Why Is This Not Fit For The Evening News?

Why Is This Not Fit For The Evening News?

I received a call from my friend Ali in Dearborn, MI the other day. After Desert Storm I brought Ali to America as a refugee. Ali had been an Iraqi Air Force Lieutenant Colonel who surrendered to my unit and then led me to a huge intelligence find. Some of what we discovered would eventually be used in Saddam Hussein trial. I was awarded a medal for the find and Ali spent 3 years in a POW camp until I was able to get him to the USA.

After living in Saint Paul for a number of years he moved to Dearborn, MI where there is a large Iraqi population and became a US citizen. I’ll tell you more about Ali’s story at a later date.

Ali told us of massive demonstrations in the streets of Dearborn following the shoe throwing incident in Baghdad. Unfortunately, we never saw reports in the main stream media about these demonstrations. Why? Because these demonstrators were showing support for President Bush. They were angry that after giving freedom to 25 million Iraqi’s that a member of the press in Iraq would insult the Iraqi people with his shoe throwing escapades. They were also angry that the American media gave the incident so much air time.

Unfortunately we are going to suffer from the media’s Bush Derangement Syndrome long after he leaves office in January 2009. Too bad, perhaps history will be kinder to him. I know that most of the Iraqi and Afghani people appreciate their freedom from tyranny, courtesy of the USA under President George W. Bush

The above is courtesy of the below blog:

The Eagle’s Nest Blog

Commentary on political developments in Minnesota, the nation and the world by Joe Repya, a consistent warrior and protector of the American Way. This Blog is named in honor of the infantry battalion that I served with in Vietnam, the 2nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment (Band of Brothers’), 101st Airborne Division who in 1945 captured Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest. Their honor and bravery continues today within the 506th Brigade Combat Team (Currahee’s), 101st Airborne Division (Band of Brothers) where ever they serve.


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