Braveheart and tears

I spent the movie watching the Movie Braveheart about William Wallace.  I think tomorrow I will play the Age of Empires game about William Wallace or at least be the Celts in the game.  At the end of the game I found myself in tears after he had died and Robert Bruce had taken over and become King.  My background is Scot-Irish.  It was the English that finally took a group of the Scots and relocated them to Ireland in an attempt of political control.  The Scots-Irish have been battling the British ever since.  We relocate to the Americas  and people like Andrew Jackson on the forefront. 

Much of the past records were burned in the War of 1812 by the British.  My great great grandfather had come over here in 1808 but there does not seem be any record of him.  My own father was in the US Army and spent time fighting for the United States of America.

I wound up in the US Navy and am a Viet Nam veteran.  So in the movie when the character, William Wallace, cried out, "Freedom," that is what stirred up the emotion inside me.  I have always been ready to fight and die for freedom.  Now I see my country taking away the freedom, bit by bit, under the guise of protecting the the little man, I want to cry out as William Wallace did in the movie, "Freedom."  I feel like that my freedom is being taking away.

I see those who supposed represent me not caring about the religious freedoms that this country was based upon. 

I want to cry out, "Freedom."


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