The Best Made Plans of Mice and Men

I put off doing laundry yesterday after my meeting which I normally do on a Friday and was going to do it on Saturday.  But I was committed to go to the meeting by my sponsor.  So I came home and decided to wake up and work on the Jeep and never did fix the turn signals.  I wound up taking a late nap after dinner, surfing TV and the Web back and forth.

I planned to wash all of my laundry.  I live only 3 short blocks away from the laundromat, which I normally drive,  keeping all of my laundry supplies in my Jeep.  Well, I went out to my Jeep and there was a ominous, "Click!" as I tried to start it.  It looks like the lights light up, but it will not start.  It did yesterday.  I am out of orange juice, vitamin C and planned to go to the bank and borrow enough money until payday so I can get vitamins and orange juice.

I wound up walking to the laundry mat.  I really need the exercise, but not like this.  After my laundry I will call AAA.  And I was planning to call my dentist, but unless I can get my Jeep going, that will have to be postponed as will everything else in my life.  It seems like every time I mention out loud being thankful about my Jeep running it breaks down.  So, I am learning to keep quiet about my being thankful out loud.

I am waiting now for the laundry to get done and my cell phone alarm to go off so I can walk back up there.  I need to get a 3 wheel bike and then I can take my laundry down there.  Better yet,  I should fix the machines here….

Learning not to procrastinate….and maybe I will have more "Freedom!" LOL


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