Frustrated by my financial and political struggle

As I just got through paying bills and balancing my checkbook I know that there are still other bills to be paid.  I stopped to cook the chicken in the fridge.  I have been battling a flu and eating only  chicken soup  for lunch and frozen Chinese food. I finally got some of appetite back.

I got my mail out of the mail box and started to read some of the "junk" mail.  Always they want me to donate a minimum of $25 or $35.  Sometimes I put it aside when I think I may actually do so.  But what happens is since I am on Social Security and Unemployment my finances begin to run out rather quickly and I am unable to donate to anyone.

I begin to wonder if you have to be poor to be a Democrat.  I believe in the things that those whose want me to donate, but since I am barely able to make it from one month to the next and not sure if I will be able to even have the Internet the next month or not, I really frustrated.

I sometimes think that I should just give up let those who are in control really do not know what they are doing.  We took are reserve troops and rebuild an country in Iraq. 

When the Democratic President who would not stand up to anybody and been cutting back military left office, the budget was balanced.  When the Republican President who stood up to everybody, the budget was in shambles. 

Yet, all financial programs that were put into motion in the when the Democratic President was in office were done by the same team that is in office now.  And we are blaming the man who lead the nation while programs were in motion.

No one stops to look at the fact that the same people were there setting up the situation to start in motion.  The Democrats went about on the Internet and gained the younger vote but they did not know what they were voting for.  Everybody wanted change.

But, it was the same political group talking about change that had set up the financial mess that we are now in.  Now we have all these stimulus packages beginning.  Each State is grabbing as much as they possibly can. 

What will happen is taxes will be raised supposed on those who on the rich.  And there will be redistribution of wealth.  That sounds more and more like Socialism and Marxism.

These are just of few of my view while WWE Smackdown is ranting in the background.


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