Electronic Wonders

I am amazed at all this computerized stuff.  I grew up listening to shortwave radio and then got interested in ham radio.  As a result I became a switchboard operator in the Navy, teletype operator.  Everything about communications that had to do with business fascinated me.  When I was a teletype operator, it was in Washington, DC just before Nixon was elected and I worked right around the corned from the White House.  Various people called up and placed their orders to buy or sell stock and the brokers would give their orders to me to send to the floor of the various exchanges.

Meanwhile, in the background my coworkers were buying and selling stock of First Virginia Bank, etc in the name of Alex Brown & Son’s.  I moved back to New Orleans and went to work with Western Union and was transferred to Illinois.  The positions involved keeping the connections between various cities continuing.  This has probably been replaced by a computer. 

I later wound up in radio and television in my college degree and was on the air with a DJ position and a student  radio engineer position.  I volunteered to assist at Cablevision at various productions, as camera man, and audio engineer, etc.  

I finished up my career working for Radio Shack after I had sold cellular phones for another carrier previously.  I had also had experience with computers in various jobs I had held.  When I worked for Radio Shack, the training  and certifications that I received helped me became understanding more and more all things electronic, but I am still amazed.

Here I am writing at home writing into one blog that will post to my website and it will be exported to my website on Facebook.  Fantastic.   Well, here goes….


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