As a certain group of people decided that the population of this country and the rest of Europe could not support extended birthrates, families of intelligence and means were encouraged to only have 2 children, abortion was supported, if not even encouraged.  Now we have a birthrate of less than 2 and yet our population is still increasing with each year.

The problem is that those who were the ones who encouraged a lower birthrate will be the ones who in the end will suffer.  Before the mid century is out this country will be a majority Muslim.  Come quickly, O Lord.  Contend O Lord with those who contend against me.  I have not much more to offer except my pen.  As I sit here writing to the sounds of smooth Jazz.  I am aged by 40 years and cannot fight as I used to in the jungles or the streets.  Sometimes there is fear that sneaks around me and that is why I keep going to meetings of friends of Bill W.   They keep me sane.


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