Comments on article Semper Fi – Now Just Die – Obama Pushes Euthanasia on Veterans

I receive all sorts of articles from GOP and agree with most of them.  But when Obama is blamed for everything, I start to get upset and want to speak out.

I am a Veteran.  I have spent time in and out of Veterans hospitals, from Sturgis, SD, Danville, IL, and Miami, FL.  The last time I was in Miami, FL I was asked to make preparation should I die and sign the appropriate documents.  That was 1997.  I do not believe that Obama was President at that time.  It  was 12 years ago.  That would have been a different Democratic President. 

But,  I really would need to research and find out when the euthanasia was put into affect at with the VA.  So, before someone starts to blame Obama and try to collect money from me to fight it,  I will have to do that!  In the meantime, I will be busy playing games on Facebook.


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