Financial Woes of A Senior

I just turned 65. Prior to that my unemployment ran out and I only got $22.  I took my Social Security money and decided to pay bills and buy a little food with it.  Previously I had signed up for a payday loan with my bank with required that I sign an automatic repay on it.  So I went through and paid all of my bills and the ones that I had had my bank pay for me were paid.   So I paid my power bill with Florida Power.

I then bought a little food and a tank of gas.  I kept checking my accounts and watching all of the payments clear except the FPL.  One day I went into my Money and found out that there was a $27 charge on my checking account for a returned and that my bank had paid their payday loan.  I had gone to the bank in person to tell them that I had found out that I run out funds and that I was unable to pay them.  Aren’t computers wonderful.  Their computer had decided that my payment to FPL previously did not count but that my decision for an automatic repay did.  I was on the phone and internet with both Suncoast Coast Federal Credit Union and FPL.  I went in person several times to my bank.  I asked my bank to help me consolidate payments.  They basically told me to take a hike.

So I have 4 days as of today to find a way to pay my power bill or they will cut off my power.  To top that off, my 88 Jeep Cherokee is finally breaking down and leaking steering fluid like crazy, but I cannot afford to get any more or have it repaired.  I cannot even afford to get a bus pass.  I just got $17 worth of food stamps for this month.  I am now trying to figure out what I can live without…is it TV, or the internet?  I need my phone.  I know I like watching wrestling and other things but I can save money by giving it up.

All of the times that I tried to save money for my future, each time I did something would come up and I was unable to keep in savings and I would have to live off that. So here I am 65 dependent of Social Security only and will start to pound the pavements like I did back 11 years ago.  But, the economy has changed, I have aged.

But, perhaps there will be someone out there that needs someone with my talents.  I should have been pounding the pavements before now; but, I am one of these realists who has to be slapped in the face before I get going.

Hopefully I will be able to find something so I can pay off bills and not leave such a legacy to my two sons.


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