Reality of Bureaucracy

So I have been looking forward to October 1, to when I can use the food stamps that I thought I had because I had a letter that had awarded me last month 17 dollars worth.  Whoopee.  But, I was facing October with 71.  Maybe that was a typo.  The first thing was someone called me at 7:30 in the morning.  Then I received a letter 2 days after it was dated telling me I needed to have an interview that I thought that I had already had.  So today I catch the bus and go to the grocery store to get some stuff that I was running out of and some food actually that I could eat.  It was only about 45 dollars worth.  Not much to live on…  I go to pay for it with the food stamp credit card and it says insufficient funds.  I was frustrated.  I decided to go home. The bus home was not until almost an hour.  So rather than wait with the gentleman who was waiting…I walked.  Poor me.  I came home, took off my shirt, lay down and took a nap.  I am tired, feeling a little down.

I called my sponsor in AA.  He cheers me up by saying, “Poor Baby” and Poor Billy,” knowing that all of this I brought on myself had I found a job earlier and not just stayed at home when I had unemployment.   And here I  am hungry, running out of everything…poor me…poor pitiful me….  So the next thing you will tell me is if I just follow your plan you will help me make all sorts of money.  I say get stuffed.  I am tired of everybody trying to use me for their own schemes, plans.  Show me your money and then I will believe you.  Bring me a bag of groceries and maybe I will listen to you.


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