Rechecking Bureaucracy

Well, today, while my laundry was running I decided to check on my food stamps.  That’s the reason why I decided to keep the internet and give up TV.  I can check into all kinds of things and its easier for me to do on the internet rather than on the phone. 

Since I have somewhat attention deficit disorder, then all I have to do is take my time and read or reread what is necessary.  So this morning I went back to and found my stuff.  Once I read it I found out that my food stamps weren’t available until the 13th of this month.  Whew.  Not much money, but still I could have saved myself some grief had I paid attention the first time.  Oh, well.  I am one of these people who has to learn the hard way I guess.  I had a nice long walk yesterday…  LOL. 

I finally got the pain cream from FC&A in Peachtree, Ga.  It really works.  I don’t know it does until I run out. Meanwhile I am doing my laundry.  I was planning on getting a grocery cart.  The laid plans of mice and men.


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