My Son get’s Hacked into on Face Book

So I get 3  emails marked urgent from my son.  But they looked a  lot quite like my older son.  He was saying that he had lost his wallet and all of addresses and that he needed money to close out his account to his hotel.  I responded that I was unable to help him out because I was broke and struggling myself.  Perhaps he needed to get a job with the hotel.  Then I started to look for everything…I discovered he had been cut off from my Face Book.  So I called him and he called me back. His account with Face Book had been hacked into.  It is getting old…Contend O Lord with all those who Contend with me.  

I don’t have a hoot who his addresses are, so I just called immediate family and let them know what is going on with everything…..

That is all I can do…


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