Son Robert Dunn Face Book Account Hacked

Just in case you know my son, Robert Dunn, his account on Face Book was hacked into.  His addresses have been lifted.  So, now family members and friends are getting emails and probably soon phone calls from Robert saying he’s in England, etc and lost his wallet, etc and needs money.  Somewhat typical…except the language was not his…The problem this turkey forget to check on was that I was a Nam vet and Dunn, related to the Carter’s, possibly Bushes, rather big inter-related Southern Scots-Irish family and soon will track him down.  So I probably would be disposing of Robert Dunn’s addresses rather rapidly….

Already I have had a phone call waking me up…Not good…Creditor’s one thing…Hacker’s another…Time to bring out sources from long ago.  Not Brave Assholes.  Track anything electronic….

Bill Dunn


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