My Vampire Game Story

While coming back from battling the British, we were attacked over in Scotland by infidelity of the British kings.  We were forced to flee to Ireland where found our thirst for blood continued.  Throughout the countryside we roamed, always becoming a soldier so that there would be blood nearby.  We were especially attracted to British blood and had a vengeance for it. 

But there soon became a price on our head and we found it necessary to flee to new colonies and hid aboard a freighter bound for the Georgia colony.  There was a time when all was well and we married and had large family, but soon our bloodlust could not be kept at bay. And the cemeteries were filled with mysterious deaths.  And our bloodlust finally permeated our own family. It was our grandson that we brought into the noble blood.  Later he left for Arizona and did the same to his son who wound up running away from home to join the US Army.  When he married, his oldest son, Lord William was permeated with the blood lust and taught the ways and tricks of our trade.  For we are Scots-Irish fighters, bleeders, tears of flesh and death to those who oppose the freedom we represent. And although I have traveled for a short time in Southeast Asia through Viet Nam and Laos tasting the blood of the young men and women there, finally, I, Lord William, came to Sarasota and Bradenton to reside through many women in my life and here I stay watching to seek those who oppose the cause we represent.


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