Fierce Warriors…But, No 1/2 Half Fare!

I see them riding, sitting alone.  Broken men making it alone.  Were it not for the hat, you’d never know they were veterans each a different war in a different place.  Fierce warriors, now valiant in their guardianship of the younger men and women who ride  along side together.  A quick glance toward each other, and already, they are brothers, born by blood, in a conflict, in a far off continent, in a different era, fighting for some unknown cause.

And he asked himself, you can be an immigrant with a Federal Medicare Card, but a Veteran without one and not get half fare.  You cannot speak English and not have spilled blood for your country, but without a Federal Medicare Card, a Veteran cannot get 1/2 fare.

He looks at him and says, but he’s just a kid.  Then so, was I.  And continues to think…A Veteran would not be seeking Medicare until later in life; but, might need 1/2 fare before then.  Is not  the spilt blood of either his comrade or his enemy enough to pay for the 1/2 fare?


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