Darn, Lost my Ring

It was a diamond ring that was originally a wedding ring.  When I went through the divorce, I kept the ring and another ring which I lost while moving.  This ring I had sized to where on my left pinky.  But, recently I noticed that it was becoming loose.

So, here I go to do laundry.  And you know the something tells me voice?  Well, it told me to leave it off and not to wear it.  But, do I do that.  Well, of course not.  So here I am blogging about not listening to that still small voice that tells you to do something.

I feel like crying now.  But I am trying to cook chicken and am trying not to burn it…I am not sure whether it was because my ex-wife gave me the ring that it was special, or the fact that I had it sized and that meant a new life to me.  But, really hope some sleazy person who keeps holding me up in the Laundromat is not the one who finds it.

For now, I will keep on trucking and just say the Serenity Prayer…God grant me the Serenity to Accept the things I cannot Change, etc…


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