I’m a multi-millionaire but the banks will not believe me

I keep getting these emails in my junk file that say that I have received several thousand dollars throughout the world from people who have died and all I need to do is contact them to receive it.  I tried taking all of them to my bank to get credit for a several million dollar loan to buy something but, they won’t loan me the money.  All I would really want to do is pay off all my debts, but so far no one has sent me the real cashiers checks.  Darn…What did I do wrong.  My genuine attorney in Nigeria tells me to ignore most of them. LOL…in the meantime I have to get ready to walk down to the laudrymat do my laundry…Yesterday I did my shopping on the bus and walked home and forgot how hot it was…I am glad I had bought a dolly to use…In the meantime I guess everyone’s attorney will just keep checking out my bank account what I talk about.

Well, I am not generous!  It will not work.  If someone died, the attorney had better come meet me and talk to my representatives.  Then, I may listen.  Son, I have been in the military and survived all sorts of stuff…So save you time….


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