My sons are grown up and I’m still paying child support

Well, I am trucking right along with my new bank’s bill pay and checking things out.  I have been paying the State of Illinois regularly $25.00 a month on my bill pay no matter who was my bank.  But, I must have stepped on a toe some where, because out of the blue and Illinois shows up,  the “Guess what we are garnishing your Social Security notice.”  So, just in case, I call the 800 number, listen to elevator music and finally get a human being.  I guess the woman was shocked because when I have no control over things, I don’t get upset.  I just wanted to make sure…My oldest son is now 25 years old, and here I am still paying child support.  Neither one to my knowledge benefit from my payments.  I think only the state of Illinois is getting some back dollars. 

Well, if the Social Security goes bust, then Illinois is screwed.  They are considered my employer.  Or maybe I should just go down to the office and start working and then ask for my paycheck no one would know the difference.  Just sit in a desk and go to work.  And come time to fill out the payroll, ask someone how to do it…Nah…to much like work.

So immediately, without hesitation I have removed Illinois’s payment for this month.  They certainly won’t send me a notice, huh?  If they garnish my SS, then I am down only 12 dollars, if not, then I am up 25.  What a juggle.  If I had only done this in my younger days with money.  I might have some now…

According to my calculations, I have about only 6 months left of Illinois….Then, I can start to deal with another predator, I mean creditor.


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