Riding the Bus

So my Jeep breaks down, and I  now have to learn how schedule shopping and do all the things I used to do by Jeep by public transportation.  I go to a regular meeting, since I am a friend of Bill W.’s. Every morning I go out of the house, and I get down to the bus stop in time so I will not miss the 99 bus so I can connect with the 3 bus westbound. 

The 99 bus is an interesting bus because it runs to and from Palmetto, FL and to the transit station in Sarasota, FL. on Fruitville Rd.  They supposedly  alternate runs between Manatee County Area Transit (MCAT) and Sarasota County Area Transit (SCAT).  A SCAT –MCAT situation.  There is actually a cat as symbol for the transit on Manatee’s transit system…Scat cat….   cute….

Most mornings I can see the bus pull up to the corner of Cortez and 14th St W around 8:25 AM and reach me about 8:30 AM with a 5 min lay over at Desoto Station. It is the SCAT bus that reaches this time.  Once before this month and for the last two mornings the bus has just sat there and sat there and sat there.  This resulted in late connections.

Yesterday, I made it to the meeting late.  Today I came home and changed clothes and missed the bus and missed the meeting.  My own actions exacerbated the situation.

Monday we will see what happens again…And we, the riders are trying to get a Sunday run…Good luck to us…


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